Mika Horie

Photography on Handmade Japanese Paper 

Mika Horie (1984, Kyoto, Japan)

Lives and works in Yamanaka Onsen


I begin by sustainably harvesting wild Gampi trees as my

predecessors did, in such a way that they can grow back

every year from the wild trees, then make all handmade

papers using the bark of the trees and spring water.

At the same time, I take black and white photographs

of the landscape, and use the negatives to make cyanotype

prints on my paper by iron salts and sunlight. The photos

become part of the paper―these indigo and off-white

prints are strong enough to last more than 1000 years.


Everything here constantly and momentarily flows to the past.

Layers of the past are continuously created day by day.

Layers of the past.

Points of time.

The intangible future.

Time never stops and flows naturally.

Indigo symbolizes the earth, plants, and creatures.

I am trying to walk into the flow, then stop thinking a tense,

capture and contrast timelessness and impermanence.

Therefore, I picture indigo.



Master in European Art Practice (Fine Arts), Kingston University London, 2009

Bachelor in Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design, 2007



Selected to be a part of the ‘2018 Art Trail, power by Tesla at Unseen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 2018


Selected Exhibitions 

Paper Positions (Berlin, Germany), 2020

PHOTOFAIRS Online Exhibition, 2020

NEKO. De kat in de Japanse kunst. (Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Leiden, The Netherlands), 2020

​Photo Basel Virtual Edition 2020 (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

​詫寂WABI SABI (IBASHO gallery, Antwerp, Belgium), 2020

Hatsuyuki (IBASHO gallery, Antwerp, Belgium), 2020

Haute Photographie (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), 2020

Photo Basel (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

NEKO Project (IBASHO gallery, Antwerp, Belgium), 2019

NEKO Project (Galerie ARGENTIC, Paris, France), 2019

Busan Annual Market of Art (Busan, South Korea), 2019

Art Market San Francisco (San Francisco, USA), 2019

Art on Paper (New York, USA), 2019

On the Planet (Frank Masi’s Art Reality Studio, Los Angeles, USA), 2019

INFINITE GRACE ² (Waterfall Mansion & Gallery, New York, USA), 2018

JCAT SHOWCASE 2018 JAPANISM (One Art Space, New York, USA), 2018

Unseen Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 2018

Photo Basel (Basel, Switzerland), 2018

Photo London (London, UK), 2018

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan), 2017

FEMALE FORCE FROM JAPAN (IBASHO Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium), 2017

SHOW CASE_44 (Ouchi Gallery, New York, USA), 2016

PAN Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 2016


Solo Exhibition

Life is a Circle (KG+ KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite exhibition, Kamiji Kakimoto, Kyoto, Japan), 2019

WATERFRONT Ⅱ (KG+ KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite exhibition, trace, Kyoto, Japan), 2018

Kodamasuru (Gallery Misyo, Ishikawa, Japan), 2017

WATERFRONT (trace, Kyoto, Japan), 2017

B3-304 (Ouchi Gallery, New York, USA), 2017



IAPMA(International Association of Papermakers and Paper Artists) PAPER International

Congress (Brasilia University, Brasilia, Brazil), 2016


Private Collection

Olnick Spanu (New York, USA)



IBASHO Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium)

Bildhalle Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)

Kamiji Kakimoto (Kyoto, Japan)

Kayotei (Ishikawa, Japan)

Beniya Mukayu  (Ishikawa, Japan)

Art 551 (Ishikawa, Japan)

Hotel Ethnography (Kyoto, Japan)

Sokyo (Kyoto, Japan)

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery (New York, USA)

Verne Collection (Ohio, USA)

Art All Ways (Los Angeles, USA)


Financial Times (UK)
Ishikawa TV, Documentary program ‘Shin Furusato Hito-to-Hito’ (Japan) 

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